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Get inspired by this list of real use case examples from commercial printers who started with our powerful web-to-print solution, then expanded into new applications to do more for their customers.

Use case examples:

- Company Swag Store
- Employee Appreciation Gifting Portal
- Corporate Marketing Asset Management 
- Tradeshow Asset Management
- Direct Mail Distribution
- Advanced Web-to-print

Discover new revenue by expanding from web-to-print to complete marketing solutions.


For those looking to increase employee performance and retention with dedicated employee appreciation programs.

The Propago Platform makes it easy to create custom "pop-up" online storefronts for events or specialized purposes, such as Employee Appreciation Portals. Employees receive an email invite to a simple portal where they simply select a gift and enter shipping details, without the hassle of logging in or a checkout process.

For those that need to give employees access to company apparel, swag, and other promotional assets.

Apparel support is far from an after thought in Propago. Rather than scrolling through pages of redundant product options for every color and size, employees can find the style they want and choose their size, color, and add-on options in one simple interface. Robust configuration options and powerful filtering tools mean that employees can quickly find what they are looking for, make their order, and get on with their day.


For those looking to manage and distribute marketing assets while keeping control of the brand, budget and inventory.

With Propago’s marketing asset management solution, clients can centralize their entire marketing supply chain under a single platform. Each line item of every order gets routed to the correct producer and seamlessly brought back together for fulfillment.

Employees across many locations can quickly access, personalize, and order marketing materials. The company retains control over budgets, inventory, and branding.


For those that exhibit at tradeshows frequently and need to manage inventory and provide access to assets.

With Tradeshow Kits, distributors and resellers can reserve and order everything they need for a tradeshow all at once. This includes both one-off goods like promo SWAG and corporate-owned assets like monitors, booth tables, and banners. Once the event is over, the employees send the corporate-owned assets back to the warehouse and the system makes those items available again.


For those that need to grant access to static and variable data print while enforcing advanced business rules and workflows.

Propago's web-to-print solution gives you all the tools you need to meet the personalization and compliance needs of clients in even the most highly-regulated industries, like finance, real estate, and healthcare.

Our powerful and intuitive web-to-print engine handles everything from complex forms with detailed customization options to highly localized and personalizable flyers with controls to maintain strict business and regulatory protocols.


For those that need direct mail campaigns and mailing list management.

Propago’s approval workflows and direct mail capabilities can give employees across many locations easy access to marketing assets and the means to personalize those materials within brand compliant guidelines. Employees can access targeted direct mail distribution lists based on their location and demographic options and deploy direct mail campaigns in just a few steps. 


We Like to Connect to Anything!

We offer standard integrations with several MIS, ERP, Fulfillment, Tax, Marketing, Automation and other software providers to automate more touch-points for you. We also support API access and custom integrations to fit your automation needs.

What Printers Are Saying About Propago

"Where we drive our focus on landing enterprise accounts is through our storefront platforms...We employ Propago."

- VP of Large Commercial Printer


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